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  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Get help with overflow of projects
  • Get "undivided attention" of an expert WordPress designer
  • Control your budget and spending

10 Hours

Installation, Setup and simple customization of WordPress

$16.00 / hour

Buy 10 Hrs of services to get basic stuff out of your way

Price for 10 Hours

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25 Hours

For custom WordPress theme design with standard plug-ins

$15.00 / hour

More comprehensive plans begin right about here.

Price for 25 Hours

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50 Hours

most popular

For sophisticated WordPress websites & themes requiring custom plug-ins

$13.50 / hour

This block should get the
smaller projects off your plate.

Price for 50 Hours

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80 Hours

Hire a Part-Time WordPress Designer. Get 4 hrs of Work per day

$12.00 / hour

Get 20 hrs a Week from a WordPress Expert.

Price for 80 Hours

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160 Hours

Hire a Full-Time WordPress Designer. Get 8 hrs of Work per day

$10.00 / hour

Need a Dedicated WordPress Designer? Go for it!

Price for 160 Hours

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"It was a pleasure to work with themes4cms.com. They fully converted my website into WordPress and addressed all of the issues and concerns I had throughout the process. The Project Manager even went the extra mile to provide some basic training on content management using the WordPress platform. The response time was always adequate and the quality of the product was well worth the investment."

- Patricio Ramal

President, The Human Spark LLC

"The Harvard Science Review was looking for a website that is both scientific-themed and fun, one that attracts a wide audience to learn about research with its aesthetic appeal. Themes4CMS exceeded our expectations in making this vision a reality. Our designer checked in with us frequently, several time a week, and we saw beautiful plans for each page within two weeks. If any other Harvard student group is looking for a new website, we will recommend Themes4CMS strongly."

- Sana Raoof

Co-President, Harvard Science Review

"I had a great experience working with Themes4CMS. The design and functionality of the website are exactly as I requested. The process was very smooth and timely with all of my feedback and additional requests."

- Heather Andrews

"The work of Themse4CMS allowed us to take our web site to the next level. Throughout the design process we were kept informed of the progress and the team was responsive to our changes. The end result was a great web site that our customers love."

- Tom Lesnak

President, Independence EDC

"Themes4CMS.com delivered exactly what we needed at a cost that cannot be beat. Fast. Professional. A no brainer."

- Gianni Martire

Owner, TheHotlist.com

"With a very professional, friendly team that delivers excellent quality work within budget and on time - Themes4CMS ROCKS!"

- George Levy

Owner, BreakthroughDigitalMarketing.com

So How Does Our Hourly Billing Model Work?

Our billing model is a flexible retainer-based structure in which you purchase a "bank" of hours. We offer huge and generous discounts when you purchase larger quantities of time of 10 hours or more. The more time you pre-purchase, the more generous the discount. Purchasing time in advance also assures your project maintains its high priority standing in our production queue. Any time that is pre-purchased and unused is also 100% refundable.

Here are the key advantages of hiring a WordPress Designer from Themes4CMS.com:

  • Pay only for Work Done - every hour billed is an hour worked.
  • Hire just once and maintain the working relationship as long as you want.
  • Flexible specifications and deliverables; targets can evolve.

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Why Hire an WordPress Designer on Hourly Basis?

  • Increased Productivity

    This model allows is that you set a timer on task and tightly control the amount of money you want to spend getting it done. This allows both you and the designer to focus on one task at hand, without allowing any distractions. When the timer goes off, you can evaluate the progress and decide what to do next.

  • Increased Quality

    We have a 98% success rate with every client that hires us. Why? Because when you hire us, you get exactly what you pay for-our time, experience, guidance, availability and undivided attention, not to mention the exact amount of work that you signed up for. The best part is, when we're done, you own the code. We won't hold your solution hostage. You may take it and do with it as you wish.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Since you have already pre-purchased some hours, our staff is available to you on demand. Things can be done for you a very short notice as you do not need to wait to get a price quote or negotiate a contract. Thus, you can simply press-ahead with what needs to be done rather than worrying about anything else.

  • Lower Costs

    The total project costs for using this new model will be lower than fixed-price bids for the same job because as a business owner you are paying only for actual time spent on the project with no built-in additional markups like project management and buffers to cover risks.

    For these contracts, Themes4CMS accepts lower profit margins than fixed-price projects because you are sharing some of the risk. Instead of spending time and money on detailed up-front scope definitions and change order negotiations, projects can be commenced and completed quickly.

  • Transparent Billing

    Under this model, the billing is done on hourly basis and you only pay on the basis of the number of hours spent on completion of particular task or project. A detailed report that consists of number of hours spent on each task within the project, is provided to you for review and then the billing is done accordingly. Thus, you don't pay $100 for something that took us only a few minutes to do and you know exactly how the money has been spent.

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