What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a website that responds to the needs of your users by adapting to the width of the browser or device they're displayed on. This requires a significant commitment to design & development, as the site must be based on a flexible grid system, where the elements on the page rearrange themselves depending on the size of the browser used.

Why should I switch to responsive web design?

  • Your website looks great of the desktop screen but the same may not be true when your site is viewed on a smartphone, a tablet or an e-reader (like the Kindle). Once you make the design responsive, the website will look good (and readable) on all screens and not just the desktop.
  • It saves time and money as you don't have to maintain separate websites for desktops and mobile phones.
  • Responsive Design is good for your website's SEO as every page on your site will have a single URL and thus link juice is preserved. You don’t have to worry about situations where some sites links to your mobile site while other link to your desktop site.
  • Responsive Designs are easier to maintain as they do not involve any server-side components. You just have to modify the underlying CSS of a page to change its appearance (or layout) on a particular device.

How long does developing a responsive website take?

While it varies between projects, 2-3 weeks from kick-off meeting to launch is typical.

How much does a responsive website cost?

It depends on the scope of work but, our responsive web design packages start from $299 only and we also offer custom quotes after thorough analysis of the website.

What browsers do you target or support?

We recommend supporting the current and previous version of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS Safari, and Android Browser.

What devices do you target or support?

We test websites on on a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and screen sizes. From HDTVs to 11" ultrabooks, iPads, iPhones, as well as assorted Android phones and tablets.

What screen resolutions do you target or support?

320px (iPhone landscape), 480 px (iPhone portrait), 600px (Android Tablets), 768px (iPad + Galaxy Tabs) and 1024px (iPad landscape and desktops).

Where can I host my responsive website?

Since responsive technologies happen on the client-side, no special hosting is required.

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